The Old Way:

Many people buy their protein mix in bulk from health food or vitamin and supplement suppliers. But buying in bulk can be inefficient, inconvenient, and uneconomical. It requires a trip to a specialty store, an investment in a large quantity of protein, and the time and effort needed to measure out protein, mix it in a reusable shaker, bring it to the gym, consume it within half an hour of a workout, and then wash the shaker before its next use.

These extra steps can be unwelcome and inconvenient for a busy lifestyle. Ready to drink or “RTD” protein options are available at some gyms, but they can be expensive, and they contain an excessive amount of preservatives in order maintain the shake’s consistency and extend shelf life.

The Powder Partner Way:

Powder Partner protein easily solves all of these problems with a convenient and easy-to-use design. We provide the ideal solution for anyone interested in supplementing their workout with quick, easy, and efficient boost of protein, with no prior planning, special trips, or long-term financial commitments necessary.

Why protein? Building better health...

Protein is an essential part of any balanced and nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. Protein helps to both build and repair muscle tissue, and provides important enzymes that your body needs. Protein shakes are not just for body builders. An extra boost of this essential nutrient is helpful for anyone hoping to achieve maximum results from their workouts and fitness routines, whether the goal is to build muscle, burn fat, or simply maximize the health benefits of a workout. Many Americans don’t get enough protein in their regular diets, making the need for quick, convenient protein even more important.

Quick, Easy, and Convenient...

The system is simple: each Powder Partner shake consists of protein powder in a disposable container, which can be purchased right at the gym, eliminating the hassle of mixing in and washing reusable shakers. Simply add water to the mix, shake it within its container, drink it, and dispose of it right then and there, with no need to wash and reuse the container. Powder Partner provides the ideal protein solution, combining the health benefits of mix-at-home protein powders with the convenience of RTD shakes without sacrificing time, cost effectiveness, or healthiness.

The Powder Partner Story...

Powder Partner was founded by Daniel Drake and Michael Dalberth, two college students with a shared passion for business, fitness, and helping others to make healthier choices. As busy students and athletes, they found the process of bringing protein powder to mix at the gym inconvenient, especially after Michael realized one day after a workout that he’d forgotten his protein mix at home and didn’t have time to go back for it before work. The two decided there had to be a more convenient way to prepare protein for workouts. Together they set out to create a disposable, single-serving protein shake that would be available right at the gym, and Powder Partner was born.

About Us (Bios)...

Daniel Drake is a Clarkson University student from Central New York majoring in Engineering and Management. A lifelong athlete, Daniel has always had a passion for creativity and helping people make healthier lifestyle choices. Michael Dalberth, a sophomore at Onondaga Community College, shares this passion, focusing on creating ideas that have a positive impact. After attending the same high school, both Michael and Daniel became top innovators at their schools, and their shared interest in fitness and helping others, combined with their drive to start and run their own business, is the foundation of Powder Partner.

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